Virtual Corporate UniversitySM©

We, at the Leadership Science Institute, LLC (LSI), recognize that your company may not be large enough (yet) to have its own training department.  However, people development is ESSENTIAL for your continued company growth. We also know that the “cookie cutter” approach to people development does not work for high growth companies such as yours.  You need to grow your people at a faster rate than you grow the company.  In fact, we believe that investing in “human capital” is more important than any other capital investment!

As your company grows in size and sophistication, you have to create a people development strategy consistent with that growth.  A strategy that goes beyond training and development; one that goes beyond merely calling it “training”; one that offers a variety of  innovative services that help develop people; and, one that expands your organizational capabilities.  We are talking about people development that is consistent with your company goals and helps you to compete in the global knowledge economy.

The LSI Virtual Corporate UniversitySM© creates, implements and directs leadership training and development programs that support and improve the efficiency and effectiveness of your organization.  We identify and evaluate weaknesses within your organization using our skills assessment tools.  We then develop the leadership training and educational resources that specifically target improvement.  We also design, plan and implement your organizational development programs, policies and procedures if they are needed.

The Benefits of Establishing Your Virtual Corporate UniversitySM© Are:

  • Just-In-Time People Development (based on your company strategy)
  • Variety of Assessment Programs
  • Custom People Development (based on your company goals)
  • Online Courses
  • Classroom Courses
  • One-on-One Training
  • Group Training
  • Anytime, Anywhere Learning
  • Ability to Compete in the Knowledge Economy
  • Immediate Implementation
  • Affordable for Any Size Business
  • Built-In Succession Planning Services
  • Built-In Assessment & Coaching Services

Our Virtual Corporate UniversitySM© service is your competitive weapon.  We assess the skill level of your people; create a custom people development strategy consistent with your corporate strategy and goals; and deliver your development strategy over time using established adult learning techniques… All, at an affordable price.

“There is no such thing as saturation in education” — Thomas Watson