Tracy R. Hawkey

Vice President of Business Development

Tracy is Vice President of Business Development for the Leadership Science Institute, LLC (LSI).

Tracy is a 2-time Entrepreneur and Founder of two successful Consulting firms, an author of “small business market domination strategies” and brings more than 30 years of successful sales and marketing leadership in multiple industries.   He has a keen focus and profound skill set in building and revitalizing sales, operations, and marketing roles using modern enablement, coaching and management strategies to attract prospects, identify award winning solutions, and grow profitable client relationships.

Mr. Hawkey has received numerous “Top Producer” awards and has lead one of his consulting companies to be recognized as the “Top Supplier Partner” to a Fortune 500 Systems Integrator.  As a highly decorated sales executive he has personally been accountable for delivering more than $1B in sales.

An avid sportsman with interests in swimming, skiing, snowshoeing, hiking and cycling.  He also enjoys the culinary arts and is a passionate foodie, sommelier and what-to-be chef always looking for the best food and wine pairing experience for the best value.   He likes to travel with his wife and spending time with his dogs and his three grandchildren.


You can contact Tracy directly at [email protected].

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