Danielle L. Hicks, Ph.D.

Industrial-Organizational Psychologist

Dr. Hicks is the co-owner and President of the Leadership Science Institute.  She is an executive leadership coach.  She dedicates her time to the science of human behavior and workplace issues facing individuals, teams and, organizations. At LSI, Danielle works as the project manager for clients and their various programs. She also conducts research, creates curriculum and assessments, facilitates training, speaks to various audiences on workplace issues and solutions, as well as provides coaching and consulting to organizations across the nation.

A 12 year U.S. Air Force veteran, Danielle spent several years stationed overseas and held the title of the Base Non-Commissioned Officer in Charge for RAF Croughton, U.K. Her work in logistics, training, and management led to several Outstanding Unit awards and personal Achievement medals.

Danielle has a strong sense of civic duty in the community and has sat on many military and local boards. She is currently the Vice President of the Jefferson County Association for Gifted Children board; advocating for the needs of gifted children and their families. She also sits on the Doral Academy of Colorado charter school board; ensuring the growth and development of the school. She works with local school districts in support of their post-secondary education, helping high school students prepare for professional life in the workforce.

Danielle is a wife and mom, which she says is the hardest job she has, but the most rewarding.


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