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The Magic of Coaching Executives

By Wayne Anderson | Feb 14, 2019

What do executives think about?  How do executives perceive success?  How does that relate to coaching the executive? These are often questions that frustrate both coaches and senior leaders who attempt to coach executives with little or no success. I recently wrote a Blog for the Center for Coach Certification which is based on the…

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Your Reputation is None of Your Business

By Wayne Anderson | Jan 28, 2019

Is your reputation really that important?  Is it something that you should constantly stress over?  I have been asking myself (and my clients) that question for many years. I coach many people, in many different disciplines, in many different companies, at many different levels within their companies, all over the United States and Canada.  I…

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Millennial Leadership – Are They Good Leaders?

By Wayne Anderson | Oct 23, 2018

Are Millennials Good Leaders? Regardless of what you hear about millennials, at the Leadership Science Institute (LSI) we believe, with the proper coaching, millennials will make really good leaders. At LSI, we specialize in coaching millennial leaders. Here are some thoughts about millennial leaders. There really is no way of getting around it. Sooner or…

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